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Radar Security Detector (Outdoor)

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Radar Security Detector (Outdoor)

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Radar Security Detector (Outdoor)
model : DND-Family (DND-30L/W, 60L/W , 90L/W)

1. The purpose of the sensor is to protect perimeter sites, open and closed grounds of different objects and to detect an intruder moving at his "full height" or "bent" in the detection zone. The sensor application on the perimeter sites having powerful sources of electromagnetic emission (radars, radio transmitting stations, etc.) is determined by the trial operation.

2. The sensor is intended for continuous round-the-clock outdoor operation at an ambient temperature from -40°C up to +80°С and relative humidity up to 98% at the temperature +35°С.

3. The sensor distinctive feature is the detection zone consisting of 12 cross-cut subzones. They can be regulated directly with the controllers on the sensor or with a PC through USB interface (subzones disconnection, sensitivity adjustment of every subzone, ANTIMASKING function and etc.) or through RS485 interface.

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